Board Members

Ann DeLaurentis
Ann is the mother of three wonderful children, and has lived in Westport, CT for almost 20 years.  Catherine and Phoebe met in kindergarten at the tender age of five, and have remained best buddies — their friendship is going on ten years! It’s been a true joy for Ann to watch them “grow up” together, and she truly looks forward to working on Phoebe’s Phriends with everyone involved in this fantastic cause. Ann writes, “There are many wonderful things about living in Westport, one of which is meeting people such as the Spear family.”

Hallie Spear

An invaluable member of our board, Hallie Spear is our expert marketer and social media guru.  She is able to attract a large audience to all of our events.  She is also literally a "lifesaver" as she donated was Phoebe's bone marrow donor.  Hallie currently attends the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington  and no doubt will be on the forefront of creating policies to help find a cure for cancer.  

Rachel Goldman

Rachel is a recent graduate from New York University and was introduced to Phoebe through a mutual friend. Through her years volunteering at Sloan Kettering and her involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Rachel developed a passion for raising awareness for pediatric cancer. She would visit Phoebe often while she was in NYC, and they’d spend time laughing and playing card games. Regardless of the rigorous treatments Phoebe endured, she always seemed beat Rachel in any game they played. Rachel writes, “I am honored to be a part of Phoebe’s Phriends, and can’t wait for what is to come!”

Jon Mannheim
Jon is Phoebe’s and Hallie’s cousin, or perhaps uncle — or if one’s expected to be hyper-accurate — their cousin-once-removed. In recent years, their relationship can be summed up in one brief but powerful statement: Durak.

Yuko Moy

Yuko has known Phoebe since she was 2 years old.  She has two sons, Thomas and Andrew.  Yuko has been by Phoebe's side this entire journey and is always there to lend a helping hand.  She is an avid Yankee fan and Ellen's running partner.  Yuko was the volunteer coordinator for the COLORFLASH and managed over 200 volunteers at our amazing event.  

Emily Prince

Emily Prince is Phoebe's Phriends marketer extraordinaire. She always has a new and creative idea and brings her smile to each and every meeting.  Emily lives in Westport with her 2 wonderful children, her new puppy, Bauer and our secret marketing genius, Josh.  

Ellen Spear
Ellen is the founder of Phoebe’s Phriends and proud mother of two-time cancer survivor Phoebe and Hallie, the life-saving bone marrow donor to Phoebe.  Her favorite thing is to spend time with her family.  Ellen is forever thankful to the community of friends and family whose support was a true inspiration.  She is determined to help find a cure.

Phoebe Spear
Phoebe is the namesake of Phoebe’s Phriends. She is now post-transplant, and getting back to “normal” life once again.  She appreciates every second, and was inspired to start Phoebe’s Phriends to help find a cure for these cancers.

Lisa Turiel
Ellen and Lisa have been friends since their first day of college at Johns Hopkins University. Says Lisa, “We have been the best of friends for a very long time! She is the most incredible person and I am so lucky to have her in my life. ” Lisa has known Phoebe since the day she was born, and writes that, “Phoebe is truly spectacular, just like her mom. They both inspire me in countless ways with their grace, positivity, patience, and strength.” Lisa is honored to be a board member of Phoebe’s Phriends, and will do all that she can to further the mission to help find a cure.