Our Story

Phoebe celebrated her 11th birthday, and was finishing 5th grade, when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  She was treated at Sloan Kettering under the care of Dr. Meyers and his wonderful team.  In addition to the grueling chemotherapy treatments, Phoebe also went numerous surgeries on her leg.

In September of 2011, Dr. Wittig performed a groundbreaking surgery using a Stanmore Prosthesis that can be expanded by magnetic force, rather than additional surgeries.  Phoebe was the first patient in NYC to try this new device, and after 2 years on crutches, is able to walk again.

Throughout this whole process, Phoebe amazed us with her unwavering positive attitude.  Phoebe’s life was falling back into place.  We went on a wonderful Make A Wish trip, and went on a winter holiday where she even went scuba diving. Phoebe was working hard in 8th grade to prepare for high school.  Always an avid athlete, Phoebe managed to find a new sport, archery, in which to compete.  She also became involved in a number of volunteer organizations, eager to give back, knowing how much support and love she had received.

On March 1st, 2013 during her two-year anniversary checkup for being cancer free from Osteosarcoma, Phoebe was diagnosed with secondary acute myeloid leukemia.  She again endured grueling chemotherapy and an eight day stay in intensive care.  On May 23rd , 2013, Phoebe received a bone marrow transplant.  We are fortunate that her sister Hallie, a perfect match for Phoebe, was her donor.

Phoebe’s intelligence, kindness and inner strength keep us all going as we took on this new battle. Phoebe is now post-transplant and getting back to “normal” life once again.  She appreciates every second, and was inspired to start Phoebe’s Phriends to help find a cure for these cancers.

She is an example for us all.